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The Berserker Blothar
Blothar's 2015 appearance.


Lead Howler

First Appearance

GWAR-B-Q 2014


The World of Mist




Michael Bishop


Around 6 ft tall in his human form, but becomes 15 feet tall when he goes berserk


Cannot be accurately measured

Most recently GWAR was dealt a catastrophic blow when the ignominious Oderus Urungus was snatched away to the very End of Time where his immortality was stolen from him. Oderus was slain by a villain of his own creation, the vainglorious Mr Perfect, leaving his fellow Scumdogs leaderless and alone. In their darkest hour, hope arrived in the form of a new Scumdog, the berserk war priest, Blothar.

Over the decades Blothar had been watching GWAR getting girls and smoking crack off the back of the songs he had written, and he wanted a piece of the action. After a battle for supremacy, he took place, reigning over GWAR and the Slave Pit.

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Blothar's ceremonial headdress is fashioned from the gigantic antlers and the pelt of a Spectral Moon Moose he killed eons ago. He carries a mighty battle axe, impenetrable shield, and is outfitted with a pair of udders which is the main natural defense mechanism of his species.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Blothar is portrayed by Michael Bishop, who originally played Beefcake the Mighty, from 1988-1994, and again in 1999.