Bloody Pit of Horror (2010)


November 09, 2010




Metal Blade Records


Cory Smoot

Bloody Pit of Horror is a 2010 album by GWAR. It was released as a closer to the band's 25th anniversary celebration.

Overview Edit

Bloody Pit of Horror is the twelfth studio album in the GWAR discography. Released only a year after Lust in Space, the album wraps up GWAR's 25th anniversary.

Concept/Story Edit

After finally escaping Earth, the group finds themselves up against an upgraded Sawborg Destructo, and return to the planet to raise an army of undead soldiers to combat him.

When describing the direction of the album, Dave Brockie explained that he wanted a "darker" concept, and discussed focusing on a heavier, more metal sound. The result is the band's heaviest offering yet--featuring eight-string guitars and pounding drums throughout.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Zombies, March!
  2. Come the Carnivor
  3. A Gathering of Ghouls
  4. Storm is Coming
  5. Tick-Tits
  6. Beat You to Death
  7. You Are My Meat
  8. Hail to Genocide
  9. KZ Necromancer
  10. The Litany of the Slain
  11. Sick and Twisted


  • The album takes its title from the film of the same name.
  • The music featured on this album was written by Cory Smoot and was originally intended to be used on his next solo album.