Commander Zog



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Lust in Space







Commander Zog is a former Scumdog general who raised Oderus.

Origin Edit

Zog was once the commander of a legion of Scumdogs, being the one responsible for raising Oderus. Oderus speaks particularly high of him, reminiscing about fighting alongside him in the song Where is Zog?.

Oderus mentions that he tried hard to impress Zog; however, Zog would still treat him poorly.

When Cardinal Syn returns to Earth in 2009, GWAR seeks his help but finds he's become nothing more than a homeless drunk, who seems intent on cleaning their windshield.

Appearance Edit

Zog appears as a heavyset alien with large lips and a rugged beard. He wears ragged clothing and wields a squeegee, and is seen on stage cleaning the band members.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the band's setlist, Zog was supposed to appear with a gun that sprayed foam.

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