The Cuttlefish of Cthulu is a creature that lives on Oderus Urungus's crotch, and serves as his penis.

Appearance Edit

The Cuttlefish is a fish-like alien creature shaped like an enormous penis. It has a green, veiny body with a yellow head, bright red lips, and a pair of slug-like eyestalks. A pair of tiny bat-like wings jut out from its side, and an enormous, wrinkled scrotum hangs down low from its base.

Relation with Oderus Edit

Oderus considers the Cuttlefish his longtime companion, and flaunts his mutant genitalia-monster at every opportunity. On stage, Oderus will sometimes swing his Cuttlefish about while dancing, or even use it to spray the audience with blood and other nasty fluids.

During GWAR's first long-form movie, Phallus In Wonderland, The Morality Squad ambushed Oderus and stole the Cuttlefish, putting it on trial for the crime of being a penis. The Cuttlefish is found guilty but eventually escapes on it own, re-uniting with Oderus at a nightclub after he had passed out from a cocaine binge.