Let There Be GWAR (1986; 2004)
Let there be gwar


2004 (Recorded 1986)




Slave Pit Records



Let There Be GWAR is a compilation album collecting various 1986 pre-dating the release of Hell-O!.

Overview Edit

Recorded back when the band served more as a parody of contemporary metal bands, the first four tracks of the compilation feature original vocalist Joey Slutman on vocals. While the tracks Eat Steel and Gor-Gor share their titles with later songs, they are completely different. The compilation was originally limited to 1,000 copies and sold at shows during the War Party Tour, but was later sold at all shows until 2009 when it went out of print.


  1. "You Ain't Shit" 
  2. "Americanized" 
  3. "Gwar Theme" 
  4. "Rock 'N' Roll Party Town" 
  5. "Pure as the Arctic Snow" 
  6. "Americanized" 
  7. "U Ain't Shit" 
  8. "Slutman City" 
  9. "Time for Death" 
  10. "Gwar Theme" 
  11. "Rock 'N' Roll Party Town" 
  12. "Techno's Song" (Instrumental)
  13. "Eat Steel" 
  14. "Gor-Gor"


According to Don Drakulich, these demos were "recorded in someone's bedroom."

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