Live From Mt. Fuji (2005)


May 31, 2005




DRT Entertainment



Live From Mt. Fuji is a live album released by GWAR in 2005. Though the album title and in-between banter refer to the show having taken place in Japan, it was actually recorded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Mr Smalls theater.

Tracklisting Edit

1. "The Salaminizer"  
2. "Krosstika"  
3. "Bring Back the Bomb"  
4. "Ham on the Bone"  
5. "Immortal Corruptor"  
6. "Womb with a View"  
7. "Have You Seen Me?"  
8. "Horror of Yig"  
9. "Crush, Kill, Destroy"  
10. "Crack in the Egg"  
11. "The Reaganator"  
12. "Bonesnapper"  
13. "Sick of You"  
14. "Biledriver"  


  • Dave Brockie once mentioned in an interview that the album was recorded in a studio with crowd noise from Cheap Trick's Live at the Budokan overlayed, but it is unknown if he was joking or not.

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