Lust in Space (2009)


August 18, 2009




Metal Blade Records


GWAR, Cory Smoot

Lust in Space is a 2009 album by GWAR. It was released during the band's 25th anniversary.

Overview Edit

Lust in Space is the eleventh studio album in the GWAR discography. Released in 2009, the album marks the band's return to Metal Blade Records, as well as the return of former bassist Casey Orr. The album debuted at #96 on the Billboard 200, GWAR's highest debut chart position.

Concept/Story Edit

After many years of being trapped on Earth, GWAR manages to steal a Skumship begins their escape. However, Cardinal Syn returns and attacks them. The Scumdogs then team up with the Destructos and call upon their old mentor Zog, who has unfortunately become nothing more than a homeless, doddering old fool. After settling everything and finally defeating Syn, the band finally escapes the planet, with the promise that they'll promise to stop back on Earth on tour, and keep us up to date on their activities.

The album's themes mainly involve escaping the planet, and what the band hopes to do upon doing so; Oderus reminisces on the various sinister things he misses doing since being trapped on Earth. However, unlike 2006's Beyond Hell, the entire album is not entirely story driven; some songs don't point at any specific event.

The album exhibits some of GWAR's more heavier sounds, and still retains a great deal of both silliness and brutality.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Lust in Space
  2. Let Us Slay
  3. Damnation Under God
  4. The Uberklaw
  5. Lords & Masters
  6. Metal Metal Land
  7. The Price of Peace
  8. Where is Zog?
  9. Make a Child Cry
  10. Release the Flies
  11. Parting Shot
  12. GWARnography (bonus track)


  • The album cover is strikingly similar to the cover of KISS' Lovegun.
  • The title of the album is a play on the title of the television show Lost in Space.
  • At the end of the story on tour, the band decides to return to Earth because they miss crack. Quite ironic, as Oderus says in the title track "If I can escape Earth, I swear I'll quit crack!"