Porcelon, A.K.A. The Portal-Potty, is a sentient talking toilet summoned by Scroda Moon.

Appearence Edit

Porcelon is a six-foot-tall flush toilet with bulging, glowing yellow eyes. His lid and bowl serve as his mouth, and is full of sharp teeth with a fleshy red interior. Despite having no legs, Porcelon can move by gliding across the floor.

Role Edit

During the events of We Kill Everything and the straight-to-video movie "It's Sleazy!", Porcelon is summoned by Scroda Moon to help recover the pieces of The Tablet after it had been shattered by GWAR and the pieces stolen by various other people. Porcelon has the power to summon these thieves by vomiting them forth from his mouth, but can only do so after GWAR take turns pooping in him (Scrota explains that "Your turds have more power than mere human feces").

With each shit, Porcelon spits out the stealers of the Tablet pieces one by one, who are then killed by GWAR: Marilyn Manson, the King of Rock N' Roll, the Jagermonsta, and YG, who kills Scroda Moon in battle. After the Tablet is restored and Slymenstra Hymen brings Scroda Moon back to life, Scrota tells them that they can use the Tablet's power to leave Earth for good. In celebration, Slymenstra removes her tampon (a dead sheep on a rope) and flushes it down Porcelon, which ends up tearing a hole in the fabric of reality and summoning The Master, who fights GWAR.