Pustulus Maximus
Pustulus when first announced.


Lead Guitarist

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Battle Maximus






Brent Purgason

Pustulus Maximus is the lead guitarist of GWAR after the passing of Cory Smoot / the retirement of Flattus Maximus.


Pustulus is said to be the cousin of Flattus.

When GWAR blew "The Horn of Hate" a while after Flattus' departure, Pustulus was summoned along with many other members of the Maximus tribe, for they have been said to raise great guitar players. According to Oderus, Pustulus was "by far, the meanest" of the Maximus tribe members. It was also told that one of his Maximus brothers stole his Scumship, therefore Pustulus was stranded on Antarctica with GWAR.

He is said to be half-deaf, and so one must yell at him for him to hear. He has very painful acne and pustules on his face, lower legs and feet, hence the name Pustulus. The only things that make the acne feel better is spoiled elephant semen, oral sex and playing heavy metal.

His main weapon (although not brought on stage) appears to be a wooden bat with barbs on it.


Pustulus appears as a blue-faced, zit-encrusted monstrosity. Only being a new member, and had joined GWAR in 2012, he does not seem to really change at all. He sports mammoth skull shoulderpieces and a loin cloth with brown fur. He has almost a "mane" of black hair with white streaks, and a black and white beard on his chin. Unlike the majority of the members, he also appears to have 'markings' on his legs, mainly the thighs. As previously mentioned, he has many zits, blood blisters, acne and possibly more on his face and his lower legs down. There are blue, visible veins in his feet, and not just that, but they appear to have the most blood blisters, and also has crooked toe nails.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Pustulus is played by Brent Purgason, only joining in 2012. He has replaced Flattus/Cory, and has always stayed as lead guitarist since joined GWAR. He now does backing vocals on stage.