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Sawborg Destructo
Sawborg circa 2009; Lust in Space.



First Appearance

Electile Dysfunction; Lust in Space




Destructos / Master's Army


Matt Maguire

Sawborg Destructo is a brother of Techno Destructo, who (along with Bozo Destructo took part in Mid-Galactic Wrestling matches (first on the Electile Dysfunction '08 Tour). He is a featured character in Lust in Space; he teams up with GWAR to defeat Cardinal Syn.

He returns as the villain on the album Bloody Pit of Horror, with a large, upgraded mechanical suit.

He later re-appeared as a mysterious cloaked figure who sold the band a mansion in order to set them up in a trap.

Afterwards, he no longer wore a cloak and mask, and still continues to defeat GWAR, in which he always fails.

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