Scroda Moon
Scroda Moon as seen in It's Sleazy.



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We Kill Everything






Hunter Jackson

Scroda Moon is a phallus-headed Scumdog who created the Tablet. The album We Kill Everything revolves around him. Often said by the band members to be the "stupidest GWAR character," he has not reappeared since his inception.

Origin Edit

Created by the Master for his own entertainment, Scroda Moon was the mystic of the Scumdogs. He constructed a large tablet that, when destroyed, would act as a portal and summon the Master, bringing destruction to its location. It was placed on Earth and later found by GWAR, who ended up dismantling it.

When the Master banished GWAR to Earth, Scroda went searching for them and landed on the moon before shortly after heading to Earth to continue searching. When he found his old comrades, he began preaching to them that the end of the world would come if they didn't find the pieces of the Tablet and rebuild it (Tune From Da Moon). However, the oafish band members dismissed him as a crackpot. The pieces had been taken by Marilyn Manson, the corpse of Elvis Presley, Jagermonsta, Yig, and Sleazy P. Martini. Scroda summoned his inter-dimensional "portal potty" Porcelon to help him find them (Jiggle the Handle). GWAR agreed to help him find the pieces as long as he'd smoke crack with them (Nitro Burnin' Funny Bong, Jagermonsta).


The tablet.

After fighting all of these creatures, Scroda Moon was destroyed, only to be revived by Slymenstra Hymen and her "girly ways." With Scroda's help the Tablet was reconstructed. The group thought they were finally going to leave Earth after centuries of being trapped here. Slymenstra flushed her tampon, Goatie, against Moon's directions, and the resulting tear in the space/time continuum caused the Master to appear. After defeating him, Scroda Moon disappeared and was never seen again. (The Master Has a Butt, We Kill Everything)

Behind the Scenes Edit

Scroda Moon is played by Hunter Jackson. As seen on the DVD Blood Bath and Beyond, the band is highly dismissive of the character, and pretty much anything involving We Kill Everything.

Appearance Edit

Scroda Moon appears as a barbarian with a grotesque penis for a head and a scrotum on his chin. The top of his head is often covered by a black cap, which would be pulled off for the character to spew semen onto the crowd while on tour.