War Party (2004)


October 26, 2004




DRT Entertainment


GWAR, Glen Robinson

Released in 2004, War Party is GWAR's first album with DRT Entertainment.

Overview Edit

War Party was released on October 26, 2004 and continues GWAR's return to metal founded in their previous album, Violence Has Arrived. It retains a very heavy sound filled with both political and violent imagery, and even contains some silliness to it as found in the lyrics. Oderus sings lead vocals on all tracks except the punk-metal song "The Bonus Plan" on which Beefcake the Mighty sings--in french.

Concept/Story Edit

Although War Party does not follow a specific storyline, it revolves around a political party named "The War Party" which is supported by GWAR themselves. The party is dedicated to supporting America's war in effort to spread hate and eventually destroy mankind. With the Krosstika as their symbol, they rally together humans to fight with each other, until no one is left standing. Many of the tracks focus on this concept, while some of them are supplemental or silly in nature (Womb With a View, Fistful of Teeth), and one track features the title character, Bonesnapper the Cave Troll.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Bring Back the Bomb
  2. Krosstika
  3. Womb With a View
  4. Decay of Grandeur
  5. War Party
  6. Bonesnapper
  7. Lost God
  8. The Reaganator
  9. The Bonus Plan
  10. You Can't Kill Terror
  11. Fistful of Teeth